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African lungfish

There are 4 different species of African lungfish however the most common species to be found in the aquarium trade is (protopterus annectens). The other species are:

Protopterus aethiopicus
Protopterus amphibius
Protopterus dolloi

African lungfish have long, strong eel-like bodies. The largest species of African lungfish can grow to be over 2 m / 6 feet long. They grow very fast and a large aquarium is necessary from day one. They are best kept alone in the aquarium without any other fishes present since they are very predatory and aggressive. It can often be hard to find good looking African lungfishes in the trade since aquarium stores keep several small specimens in the same aquarium and they abuse each other and may give each other permanent esthetical damages.

African lungfishes are easy to keep if you can dedicate a large aquarium to specimens since they accept a broad range of water values. They should preferable be kept in neutral to slightly acidic water.

You can choose to decorate the aquarium after your own taste as long as you avoid sharp objects.

They eat anything that is offered to them including dry food. (You might have to train them before they accept dry food.) If a food source is too large to fit in their mouth they eat pieces out of it, this includes other larger living fishes. So don't assume that a fish is safe with your African lungfish just because it is too big to fit in its mouth.

African lungfishes can hibernate without water. They dig a hole in the mud on the bottom and cover themselves with a secretion which allows them to survive without water for up till two years. You should however not try to hibernate your lungfishes since it is very hard to offer the right conditions in captivity.

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